Play KrissX® now on Steam®

KrissX® the shiniest mind-sharpening word puzzler is now on Steam. Available on PC or Mac, featuring special Steam-specific features, it's the finest word puzzle treat on the world-leading games platform.

KrissX® on Xbox 360
KrissX out now on Xbox 360

KrissX® the fiendishly addictive word puzzler is now available for your Xbox 360. Download it now from Xbox LIVE Arcade. It's the definitive word puzzle package for your console.

KrissX® on PC and Mac
KrissX out now on PC

KrissX® is now available to play on PC and Mac. You can try it out for free from your favourite games website. It's the perfect game to exercise your mental muscle or just chill out.

Playful Games
Regolith Games - Playful Games

KrissX® is the first game from Regolith Games, a small company dedicated to making nice games for everybody, where nobody gets shot. Regolith Games - Playful Games.

The Blitz 1UP Boost

Blitz 1UP is a great programme that helps independent game creators to get their games to market. KrissX® was one of the first games to benefit from a Blitz 1UP Boost.

Play KrissX® free!
KrissX in Steam for Mac launch lineup

Enjoy a coffee break with KrissX®, play it for free. The download is quick and safe.

Latest News
MAY 12, 2010

KrissX® features in the Steam Mac launch lineup.

APRIL 21, 2010

KrissX® is now out now on Steam.

KrissX out now on Mac
MAR 9, 2010

KrissX® is now available for Mac from Mac Games Arcade.

JAN 27, 2010

KrissX® the fantastic word puzzler was launched today on Xbox LIVE Arcade.